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Do you still believe an online game is just fun?…

 «Friends of mine have got an online affair, they made up their mind to get married online and transferred real money to the account of a real online priest so that he could hold an online ceremony”

“One can lead a dull and uninteresting life and be a four-eyed nerd, but play online, invest all the money earned in the game, pimp up weapons and armour and produce an impression of a rich and hard-boiled man. And no one will ever know what he is really like”

“My husband used to be a gamer, and he would spend all his time playing for several months devoting no time to his family. I put the question point-blank and said that it might ruin our family”

“A friend of mine got acquainted with a guy in an online game, fell in love, abandoned her husband and moved to another city to her online beloved”

“We have been playing for several years running, summer has passed away almost unnoticed, and we have spent tons of money on gaming – as much as a new car costs”

It is a general belief that an online game is entertainment and recreation for immature individuals. Gamers are disapproved of and not understood by others. Nowadays almost every person has got a friend or an acquaintance who is an online gamer. This kind of devotion is unclear to the people around and regarded as insignificant and a waste of time. But hardly anyone reflects on why people play and what this game really means to your friend or acquaintance.

However, gamers regard an online game as a chance to diversify one’s routine, to fulfil oneself, to distract from fuss and problems, and as a tool for logics development and broadening one’s horizons, a means of deriving emotions.

Stepan, the person I talked to, told me that an online game was an opportunity to experience the emotions you needed right now, either positive or negative: “You are home alone, looking for emotions, and the game becomes a source of getting them”.

If we dig deeper, we will see that an online game has a more profound meaning.

Today an online game is a means of constructing one’s own “Me”, an easy chance to get or replace anything one wants in a superlative degree, i.e. to look the way one wants to look, to be any creature one desires, getting the desired benefits online is easier than in a real offline life, and your better half can be just the way you want it to be.

For many users an online game is a substitute for a real life: they can marry, have affaires and make friends online whereas in reality they may have fewer friends, they can be leaders or a success from their own viewpoint.

An online game is also a source of adrenaline, manifestation of competitiveness, a chance to be a different person or creature, in other words – not to be oneself.

“Why else play? For the sake of victory only”, – users say.

Why is it so essential? Many of us live according to a pre-planned scenario. We hardly set any goals and live in accordance with an established rhythm of life. A man of today seldom has an opportunity to experience a triumph, praise oneself for something and feel one’s significance. We have almost weaned ourselves off taking important decisions and significant steps, so the victory in a game or an armour upgrade are regarded as great success.

A lot of users state that they play solely for the victory; they enjoy a feeling of a win and “stooping” other players. Why is it so important?

Modern society is society of fears. And the fear of changing one’s life is among the key ones.

What does a person of today do? He is running away, seeking acceptable ways of eliminating his fears, looking for an opportunity to allay them. Quite often people choose one of the easiest ways – online games. In the pursuit of self-construction and self-fulfilment in an online game, many users almost lose their connection with the outer world, but the game creates just an illusion of solving the problem and a real life. An online game just “puts out” the fire of inner fears, but the coal still keeps on smouldering.

The strategy of avoidance and escape is not a way out or a solution to the problem. The clue is inside us, and if we want to change our lives, we need to do so instead of inventing and upgrading new online legends.

Think twice whether you want all the most crucial achievements of your life to be connected with online space? For instance, a level 80 elf. Keep in mind that a real offline life is more important than online, and it is us who are the main protagonists of our own lives, rather than elves, trolls, amphibias, druids and so on. Live right here and right now! And if you do choose to play, do not go too far!

For the video we used cuts from “Big Bang theory”

Music: neocrey “Jump to win”