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Healthy way

The extremely ordinary table theme is a healthy way of life, which I did not miss with my friends when for the last time going in the bar.

We recalled the magazines, the books, the articles of observance of the simplest rules of personal behavior for strengthening or maintenance of health and thought, but are many applying such tips in practice?

During the conversation there was realization that it is harder ever to surprise me by some new kind of alcohol, or its interpretation in form of cocktail. After all, the output always getting the same effect-violent fun in the evening, withered morning fun. And I got the idea that alcohol is becoming obsolete as the role of social glue with help of which people find common interests and just having a good time with each other.

Discussing this tend we immediately remembered about people which are telling to us with pleasure about their refused to drink. For my acquaintance, it was a possibility to run 20 km without rest and the opportunity to show himself and others, to which the body is capable of a man who is not an athlete. Now he is trying not to miss a single major marathon, even in other cities. Second mate had so many complex about his appearance and reasonable limiting himself from excesses, without which previously had no idea of his life, now feels a lot better and more confident, which is especially necessary in his new job.

Someone from my entourage said that the young generation will always step on the way to the violent adventures or emotional conversations when it is impossible to be without alcohol, and this trend will not allow to die. Well, may be it is like this. But reasonable limitation always leads to positive results which are output for each provide different effects. And we are powerful at least try to bring that alcohol can only be a transitional step, just to know what it is, and should drag out not necessarily to all life