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Post By: Marina Ovchinnikova

Gaming habits of public transport passengers

Observing the habits of Moscow subway and commuter trains passengers has become commonplace, because there is a need to somehow designate the leisure-time of the majority of Moscow and Moscow region population, to identify the target audience and to assess the advertising potential. However it’s a tough task to find articles on such passengers’ habits, […]

Healthy way

The extremely ordinary table theme is a healthy way of life, which I did not miss with my friends when for the last time going in the bar. We recalled the magazines, the books, the articles of observance of the simplest rules of personal behavior for strengthening or maintenance of health and thought, but are […]

Freindzone as a social capital

Each modern young person has been “friendzoned” at least once in life. Perhaps they did not even know that things happening in their life was called that way (as it is a new word), but anyway it was a “friendzone”. So what is it? After long discussions with friends and street interviews, I find out that […]


Do you still believe an online game is just fun?…  «Friends of mine have got an online affair, they made up their mind to get married online and transferred real money to the account of a real online priest so that he could hold an online ceremony” “One can lead a dull and uninteresting life […]